Deal reached on the telecoms package: mobile roaming charges banned in 2017 Greece votes ‘No’ and gambles its future

European leaders push for a Greek “yes” vote in the referendum on financial reforms

Yesterday (June, 30), European Parliament’s President Martin Schulz joined other EU leaders in calling on Greek voters to accept the financial reforms in the referendum which will be held on Sunday (July, 5th) in Greece. He even announced he would personally go to Greece to talk to Greek citizens if the Government did not come back to the negotiations table before Sunday. Since the announcement of the referendum by Greece, EU leaders have pushed voters to vote in favour of the proposal drafted by the country’s international creditors and stay in the Eurozone. Schulz stated “ it is not only about a program, it is a fundamental vote about whether to stay in the eurozone or not.” EU officials affirm that the proposal does not provide for a cut on wages nor on pensions, and that it  would include €30 billion “paid directly to Greece” for investment and social payments. (Politico)

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