Final deadline for Greece, as EU prepares for Grexit Greece capitulates at EU summit

Tsipras pleads for a ‘European solution’

STRASBOURG — With only days to spare before his country faces financial catastrophe, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras turned to the European Parliament Wednesday morning to make an impassioned plea for a “sustainable” solution to the crisis. In a speech long on rhetoric but lacking in any concrete proposals, Tsipras said the Greek people had delivered a “resounding verdict” in Sunday’s referendum that they would not cave in to pressure from international creditors to accept harsh bailout terms.

Tsipras said his government had given eurozone leaders a new reform proposal on Tuesday night, but he did not provide details. In their remarks the night before, leaders had been adamant that there was no concrete proposal from the Greek side. The Greek prime minister promised that in the coming few days the Greeks would “redouble our efforts in order to get a socially just and economically sustainable solution to the Greek problem without repeating the mistakes of the past.”

 “The final deadline ends this week, all of us are responsible for the crisis and all of us have are responsibility to resolve it,” said Tusk. The Parliament has long pushed for Greek officials and their creditors to be more transparent in their negotiations. The Tsipras speech is the first time since the start of the Greek crisis five years ago that a Greek leader has addressed the institution.
“How do you want to be remembered in history Mr. Tsipras?” said Guy Verhofstadt, the president of the centrist ALDE party. ” An electoral accident who made his people poorer or a real revolutionary reformer?” (politico)
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